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I'm a web developer from Doncaster, you may be thinking what is a web developer? a web developer is someone who builds and maintains websites, we use coding languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS and jQuery to help is add new features and fix broken ones. I've been doing this for a number of years and I really enjoy it there's always something new to learn.

Work History

I have worked in a variety of different industries and i'd love to type them all out but they aren't related to Web Development, the below two are, any questions just ask.

Web Developer, Talk To Media Ltd, Doncaster - 2015 - Current

Help develop and maintain a range of websites for a variety of clients, my responsibilities involve checking websites too make sure everything's running smoothly, adding bespoke features to new and existing websites, and generally doing what a web developer does....develop.

Web Developer, Be More Social Ltd, Doncaster – 2014 - 2015

Managed and supported a variety of e-commerce websites, clients included United Carpets & Beds. Jobs included maintaining the front-end and backend of the website, adding and removing products, and adding new features.

Jobs included maintaining the front-end and backend of the website, adding and removing products, and adding new features.

Things to note

I have worked in many different industries over the years but my ambition lies in computers, from building computers, supporting users to creating websites I know a lot about computers.

IT Support

Before I was a web developer I was a IT support technician where I looked after servers, fixed computer problems, solved network problems, and offered on site IT support, I did this for about 2 years, before changing professions, and it comes in handy in my new profession.

Google Product Skills

I have several certifications in the Google products, such as Google Analytics, Adwords and Shopping these are extremely useful in getting the most out of your website.

Web Development

I'm a Web Developer at this current moment in time, I spend most of my time coding and and altering the underbelly of websites, my changes are slight but required,my project site is where I test some ideas that I have, feel free to take a look.

Web Dev Projects

I'm always interested in trying something new like a new javascript library or new stylesheets and I end up making some little projects along the way.

Platforms I know and use

Ive worked with several different CMS platforms, all with their own capabilities


Excellent CMS for bloggers and people that want to create a small online store, well built secure and has a wide range of plugins and themes.

Web Developer Magento


For people wanting to set up a large online store with thousands of products, Magento is what you need with its secure infrastructure and ability to scale along with hundreads of plugins and themes, its a very popular CMS


I call it the popup shop CMS, which is basically what it is setup is simple, its very easy to use and it makes selling products a breeze.

Wordpress Plugins

I enjoy making plugins for Wordpress I tend to make a simple a plugin to handle a task that I end up using later on, saves me writing it out again, here are some that I've made

Custom CSS & JS Meta Boxes

Download V1.0

This is a simple plugin to enqueue custom CSS and JS files to your wordpress site.

Github Files

Custom Shortcode

Download V1.0

This is a simple plugin that registers a shortcode to your wordpress site edit the shortcode file, and make your changes.

WCProduct Info Shortcode

Download V1.0

A shortcode plugin that pulls information about a Woocommerce product and displays it via a shortcode.

Github Files

Plugin 1

Download V1.0

Plugin 1 is a small plugin with a random set of options, such as

  • Enable orphan code and focus element
  • Adjust the length of post excerpt
  • Allow SVGs to be uploaded to the Wordpress site
  • Add Google Analytics code to the site, either in the header or the footer.


Installation is simple, download the plugin, unzip, take the extracted folder and place it in your plugins directory, then head to the installed plugins section on your wordpress site and activate the plugin.

If your having any issues with the plugins please let me know either on here or github.

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